I fell in love with yoga during my early 20s and have practiced for over 20 years. After many years attempting to balance corporate life with my creative and yogic side, I finally decided to listen to my inner self and dedicate myself to personal practice, naturally moving me into my passion for teaching others and supporting them on their journey. 


Yoga has guided, healed and supported me in life starting with managing daily stress and university exams through to befriending my life long Fibromyalgia illness. Every day is part of the learning journey and teaches me to listen to my body so it can continue on its healing path.  Dedication to the practice is key.


Yogic Philosophy


“I teach yoga to provide my students with empathy and kindness to assist them to listen to their inner self and find their bliss.”


As a yoga teacher, indie artist and self-confessed empath, I am dedicated to connecting with my students and focusing on their specific needs. My focus is on functional yoga than aesthetics. 

I run small, intimate classes and workshops of up to ten people and semi-private and private sessions around the Northern Rivers of NSW.


My style is guided by the natural seasons of Summer, Winter, Autumn, and Spring where I develop sequences in Vinyasa Flow, Yin, and Yin Yang. Typically, sessions start with a short meditation to set the intention for the class, flowing naturally into dynamic poses then slowing down with long deep yin poses. Classes vary between 60 -120 minutes. 


I am and will always be a student of yoga, constantly learning and developing myself and my practice to share with others. Yoga is about harmony between our physical, mental, and spiritual aspects, and listening to your body and inner self is key. This is your best guide to finding your bliss not only in Yoga but in your life!


Let's Flow and Stretch Together!


I teach regular classes at Pure Fitness in Alstonville at 6 pm on Tuesdays,  9:30 am on Wednesdays and 10:15 am on Fridays. You can also find me teaching a class at 8 am on Thursdays and at 6:45 am and 8 am on Friday mornings at the Byron at Byron resort as well as on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month  Happy Mountain Yoga studio in Wollongbar. 


Weekly Classes

  • Tuesday classes focus on functional yoga for men, which includes lengthening muscles, stability and supporting an active lifestyle.

  • Wednesday and Thursday classes are in a Yin style where poses are held for up to five minutes focusing on releasing the connective tissues and unblocking the body's energy centres.

  • Friday classes are a mixed style of Vinyasa, Hatha or Yang to Yin and are for all levels.  The purpose of these classes is to create 'heat' in the body concentrating on how your body is feeling and caring for your individual needs. The classes always end with deep stretching and meditation.

  • Sunday classes are restorative Yin designed to help you slow down, chill out and release the deeper connective tissues in the body. Great for the body, mind and soul. 


Special Events

At various times each year, I hold special events which are designed to enable you to take time out from your busy schedule and just "do you". These events include Yoga and Brunch workshops, Yoga and Art Days and, Art Evenings.

In November 2019, I will be holding a retreat in the Northern Rivers. Four days of yoga, art and bliss!

Keep an eye on my Bookings page or social media for more information. 

Prenatal Classes

My prenatal classes are modelled on the Baby Bliss Yoga style and where I teach a six-week prenatal yoga course at Happy Mountain Yoga in Wollongbar. The package of classes is designed to work through different components of the pregnancy and birthing experience. Each class will focus on a different theme and participants will take part in a sharing circle, move through some gentle restorative poses & finish with guided meditation. 

Check out the latest course available via my Bookings page. 


Prenatal Six Week Syllabus
Week 1 - Standing poses to help maintain a sense of balance. Hip opening and stretching the pelvic floor to create more ease and space during pregnancy as well as birth preparation. 

Week 2 – Continue with themes from week 1, with a focus on stretching the side body to facilitate easier breathing, create more space for mum and bub, and to release back tightness. We'll also work with partners, so you can get your significant other involved in the fun at home!

Week 3 - Releasing poses to help loosen the ever-tightening quads, psoas, and hips. A very special pregnancy sun salutation, and a focus on all-important breathwork so you can 'flow' easier into the birth.

Week 4 - Keep releasing as per the previous week. We’ll also incorporate stabilising the pelvic and sacral joints and toning the pelvic floor in an attempt to make pregnancy more comfortable. This class will also focus on what you can do to help the recovery postnatally. 

Week 5 - Working on floor poses to help release and relax all the joints. Birth preparation through more pelvic floor work, longer visualisation, yoga nidra, and pranayama.

Week 6 - Ending the series with a beautiful series of restorative poses using any and all the props we can find! Also providing instruction so mama-to-be can do these poses at home.



If you are interested in private/semi-private classes, holding your own yoga brunch or yoga art workshop please contact me on art@robynsaurine.com. 




Robyn x

Northern Rivers, NSW Australia |

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