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Astrology Reading

90 minute session $250 AUD

A reading with Robyn is no ordinary reading! Once you book your session, you'll complete some preparation (nothing too hard!) for Robyn. 

The reading begins with a discussion on when your chart became activated. Next, you'll talk about your character and then describe what's happening now, so you walk away with practical guidance. 


Zoom recording available for download for seven days after the session. 

An optional personalised report on your chart and practical applications for your life, career, and relationships. Allow ten business days for development $150


Private Yoga and Astrology

$250 AUD

Yoga, breath, and meditation designed for your unique self! Robyn will review the aspects of your astrological chart and develop a yoga sequence to balance your mental, emotional and physical bodies. Sessions are 60 minutes and come with a take-home handwritten yoga sequence. 


A video of the sequence for you to follow at home is available at a one-time cost of $50. 

Indoor Yoga
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60 Minutes with Robyn

$150 AUD

A discussion with Robyn to devise practical answers to your questions or issues. One-hour sessions are available as ad-hoc business or life coaching. They will include providing you with resources to help you implement the solutions devised in session. 

60 Minutes with Robyn is also the first step in the Bespoke Coaching Solutions packages listed below. 

Business Coaching Guided by Astrology

A customised package developed for those who have an idea and are ready to kick start their business, focus on growing a business, or ready to close down or sell their business. 


After your 60 Minutes with Robyn, Robyn will create a tailored plan just for you! Most programs range between 3 – 6 ninety-minute sessions spaced out over a few months. They include reviewing your astrological chart focusing on your career and business preferences then talking you through feasible business solutions for developing or changing your business. 


Meetings are held virtually via Zoom, and the recordings are available for download for seven days after the session. 


Bespoke Coaching Solutions with Robyn

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Life Coaching Guided by Astrology 

Personalised coaching toward those hairy ambitions we call life goals to support you to move forward rather than standing still or feeling like you don't know where to begin. Robyn will use her diverse skills to delve into what you need and how to get you there. 


During your 60 Minutes with Robyn session Robyn will explore the areas of your life you would like to change then create a tailored program for you. Sessions will include Astrological readings, NLP techniques, Meditations, Lunar Cycle guidance, and Chinese medicine principles. 


Meetings are held virtually via Zoom, and the recordings are available for download for seven days after the session. 

Yoga, Coaching Life and Business 

The all-rounder coaching package to balance all the elements of your lifestyle! Perfect for those looking to review different aspects of their life, including career, relationships, and health. 


The focus in your 60 Minutes with Robyn session will be on understanding how different areas of your life are working together. Your customised program will focus on balancing the aspects identified in the first session. Subsequent sessions may include a combination of Yoga sequences with Myofascial Release, Acupressure, Meditations, Astrological Readings, Lunar Cycle guidance, NLP techniques, Business, and Career advice. 


Meetings are held virtually via Zoom or in-person for those in the Northern Rivers. Meeting recordings are available for download for seven days after the session. 


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