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Relaxed Human in Residence - Robyn Saurine June 2020

Robyn's career started in 2000 as an engineer and developed later as an IT manager and project management professional in the education and mining sectors of Australia and Asia. This is also where her wellness experience began as she undertook extensive health and safety training to deal with the physical and mental components of working in high risk, remote areas. Her interest in health and wellbeing eventually led her to become a dedicated yoga teacher and NLP Practitioner. Her encounters with wellbeing naturally guided her to understand the importance moon cycles play in balancing energy levels and how the seasons influence our life. These learnings were applied initially to self-managing her autoimmune illness, Fibromyalgia and spine curvature, Scoliosis. Then naturally extended to helping others to balance the physical, mental and emotional components of their bodies to maintain health and wellbeing. 


Robyn is now training under Yoga Medicine to become a Yoga Therapist and aspires to "create more relaxed humans, one human at a time".  

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