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Humane Yoga Classes
One of the aims of Humane Yoga is to create more relaxed humans. To help facilitate this we have created a monthly program that brings one expert into our community to give you more tools to manage your life, your way. Aptly, this program is called
Relaxed Humans in Residence
Introducing Our Inaugural  Relaxed Human in Residence
Robyn Saurine Profile Pic_Humane Yoga.jp

Our founder, Robyn Saurine will be our inaugural Relaxed Human in Residence. 
Each week in June 2020, Robyn imparted her knowledge of Chinese Medicine - the what, why, and how to use the principles of this methodology to bring in balance or start to regain your health.


Check out Robyn's Bio and her four articles on our Humane Yoga Blog now:

-  What is Chinese Medicine and Why Should You Care?

- Chinese Medicine - The Features of the Seasons

- Chinese Medicine - Maintaining Health in Your Physical Body

- Chinese Medicine - Find Balance in Your Emotional Body. 

Robyn ran a 2-hour immersion on Chinese Medicine at the end of her residency which provided a deep dive into Chinese Medicine principles and how to apply them to your life.  If you missed out don't worry we've got you covered with a handy ebook available to guide you through the process. 

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