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Wisdom in Modern Times

Robyn started her career in the early 2000s in IT, then progressed into Mining, working across IT Operations and Engineering, Change Management, Marketing, Communications and Director of International Projects. After 15 years, the focus shifted to lifelong loves of Creativity, Yoga and Astrology. 

Since then, Robyn has coached hundreds of people in various ways. Such as using the practicalities of astrology in their personal and business lives to move toward their purpose. Through assisting in writing business and marketing plans for small businesses, reviewing strategic directions for established companies and helping ideas move from a thought into start-up businesses. As well as assisting people in developing connections to their higher selves through yoga and esoteric practices along the way. 

Working with Robyn infuses old-world science with modern-day practicality. All her offerings are designed to help guide you to a place where you can start working toward your purpose with confidence. 

Zodiac Chart


Get practical guidance that is relatable and full of applicable information you can use in everyday life.

Just the Facts

An express reading that looks at the main features of your chart and provides guidance on your key traits,  career focus,  how to feel more fulfilled and understand your purpose.

What's Included?

  • A 10-minute audio recording of the facts about you

  • A copy of your chart

  • Key dates to be aware of in the current year 


$60 AUD (+GST)

Deep Dive 

An in-depth reading that is practical and modern. It begins with a look at your character, then describes what's happening now, and always ends with relevant guidance now and in the future.


What's Included?


  • A discussion that looks at the different parts of you and gives guidance on how to use all your gifts to your advantage

  • Practical information on key focus areas and how to infuse any lessons for the future

  • A summary email with affirmations, permissions, actions and meditations (where required) 

  • Zoom recording of the session - available for download for seven days.


$250 AUD (+GST)

The Year Ahead

Perfect as a follow-up to a deep dive! This reading provides specific advice for the year ahead.


What's Included?


  • 45 Minutes of discussion that looks at the flavour of your year ahead

  • Practical guidance on the next 12 months with advice on how to navigate the learnings and opportunities coming your way

  • A summary email with affirmations, permissions and actions

  • Zoom recording of the session - available for download for seven days.


$150 AUD (+GST)



For Business, Team or Relationship sessions, please get in touch with me for current offerings. 

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60 Minutes with Robyn

A discussion with Robyn to devise practical answers to your questions or issues. One-hour sessions are available as ad-hoc business or life coaching. They will include providing you with resources to help you implement the solutions devised in session. 


60 Minutes with Robyn is also the first step in the Bespoke Coaching Solutions packages listed below. 


What's Included?

  • In-depth review of the business of life topic you wish to resolve/gain clarity on

  • Advice on practical steps to move forward

  • Action plan and resources to help you get started

  • Zoom recording of the session - available for download for seven days.



$150 (+GST)

Notebook and Pen
Thinking of Ideas

Bespoke Sessions 

A customised package developed for those who have an idea and are ready to kick start their business, focus on growing a business, or are ready to close down or sell their business. 


After your 60 Minutes with Robyn session, Robyn will create a tailored plan just for you!


What's Included?

  • Between 3 – 6, ninety-minute sessions spaced out over a few months.

  • Sessions include reviewing your astrological chart focusing on your career and business preferences then talking you through feasible business solutions for developing or changing your business. 

  • Email support is provided between sessions. 

  • Zoom recording of the session - available for download for seven days.

Tailored Pricing by Proposal. 

The All-Rounder

The all-rounder coaching package to balance all the elements of your lifestyle! Perfect for those looking to review different aspects of their life, including career, relationships, and health. 


The focus in your 60 Minutes with Robyn session will be on understanding how different areas of your life are working together.


What's Included?

  • A customised program will focus on balancing the aspects identified in the first session.

  • Subsequent sessions may include a combination of Yoga sequences with Myofascial Release, Acupressure, Meditations, Astrological Readings, Lunar Cycle guidance, NLP techniques, Business, and Career support and advice. 

  • Meetings are held virtually via Zoom or in-person for those in the Northern Rivers.

  • Email support provided between sessions

  • Meeting recordings are available for download for seven days after the session. 

Tailored Pricing By Proposal. 


Ready to book a session?

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