Born in Australia, Robyn worked in the coal mines of Central Queensland before relocating to Singapore in 2009, returning to the lush, hinterland of Byron Bay, Australia in 2015. Her art is influenced by experiences and travels in the Australian Outback, beach and hinterlands, Asia, and Italy. 


Creating art is as vital as breathing for Robyn and keeps her grounded. She pushes the limits to explore the world of texture, colour and collage. Experimentation is an important part of the development process, allowing each piece to move and flow in its own direction.


Robyn enjoys organising group exhibitions and working with the unique styles of other artists. 



Artist Statement


The bold colours and heavy textures I produce in my artwork invite an empathetic response from the viewer. I believe we are turning into a population who feel an emotional response, although we cannot fully place ourselves in the space, and my work asks the audience for a truly engaged contemplation. 


I use my intuitive process to release the essence of emotion and experience onto the canvas. I respond to heightened experiences, emotions or sounds to connect empathetically with the sensation. Working with acrylic paint, oil pastels and ink, I draw upon my experiences in the corporate world and my training as a yogi and life coach to produce abstract expressionistic artwork.